Friday, March 7, 2008

Dress Money

“You going to wear that dress?”

“Yeah, why? Something wrong with it?”

Robin smiled and pushed the brim of his hat back with his index finger. “You going out?”

Lisa brushed her curls. “No. I’m staying in.”

Robin gave a grin. “Then why are you wearing that dress?”

“I like it. Don't you think it looks good on me?”

“I think it hides the real you. You look better without it,” Robin chuckled and tossed his hat in a chair.

“You’ve got a dirty mind.”

“And a dirty mouth, but it never stops you from kissing me.” Robin put his arms around her and studied her beautiful face. “You get it with the money I gave you?”


“The dress. I want to see the one you bought.”

Lisa frowned and pulled away. “No. I didn’t get it. My brother was in trouble. He’s going to pay me back.”

Robin was annoyed, but tried to look bored. “That's what he told you? I hope you gave it straight to his bookie.”

“You don’t understand. He’s in a tight spot right now.”

“From what I hear, it's tight and getting tighter.”

Lisa looked up, her face filling with concern. “What have you heard? From who?”

Robin blew air through his lips, fluttering his fingers like a breeze. "Just whispers. I wouldn't get yourself worked up, though. He's too small a fry for anyone to do much about. Still, you shouldn't be covering his debts.”

Lisa frowned. “Ain't you ever been in trouble?”

“Sure. I'm probably in trouble right now. But a man’s debts are his own. Sooner or later, everybody's got to face that.”

“Like you're facing up to this?”

Robin looked down at her swollen belly. He shook his head. “I never meant for nothing like that to happen.”

“You haven’t asked me to marry. Sounds like you're passing the buck.”

Robin's face went hard. “You think I owe you something?”

Lisa's head dropped. “You don’t owe nobody. You write your own ticket and expect the world to let you get away with whatever you want to do because you’re so god damned honest.” She looked up again. "But you're not honest. You're smug. You're self-righteous. But you're not honest."

“Is that right?” Robin picked up his hat again. “I changed my mind. You look better in the dress." He started out the door in time to avoid a pair of heels aimed at the back of his head.

“Go to hell, you god damned...” Her voice trailed off as she slumped back onto her bed.

Robin lit a cigarette on the stairs. "Who could marry a girl like that?"