Thursday, December 4, 2008

Almost Christmas

Hello, skinny moon.

I'm supposed to be in bed.

It's almost Christmas in two weeks, I think. Maybe three weeks. I don't remember. I'll ask mommy in the morning.

Tomorrow we're going to the store to meet Jenny and Jenny's mom. Mommy has to buy Christmas presents. Daddy said people gave presents to baby Jesus and we give presents to show how much we like Jesus when he was a baby.

Mommy and Daddy are in the kitchen being loud. They're laughing about something. I don't know what they're laughing about.

Trees are scary when they don't have leaves, but I like them because they look like fingers.

My baby brother is looking at me. He's a cutie pie. That's what mom always says. She always says that. He's in a crib so he can't fall out. Daddy put it together with tools. Sometimes he cries and I tell him, "Don't cry. It's okay." That's what you're supposed to do with babies.

I'm going to stay at grandma's for Christmas. We're making cookies! She doesn't know how to play robots and aliens, though, but I can show her. It's probably the funnest game. You roll the dice and move the robot and the alien the same number that you roll until they finish the race and then you see who comes in second.

Mommy made me sit in the time out chair today because Cody put my dress up clothes on and I told him he couldn't be a fairy because he was a boy. He's a baby, so he doesn't know that.

Tonight, Daddy read us the story about Bobby the Badger building a house and how the mice laughed at him. But when it was cold, he let the mice eat cake and stay warm. He made them little beds and they didn't laugh at him because he made the baby mouse stop being sick.

I'm hungry, but I brushed my teeth already. Daddy likes jelly on his biscuits. I like cheese! It's my recipe I made up. Do you like cheese on biscuits?

I'm sleepy. Goodnight, Cody. I love you.